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Letters to the Editor

The editors here at The Purple Cabbage want to hear from you! Feel free to write us at thepurplecabbage@gmail.com with the subject line “letter to the editor” and voice your opinions, concerns, comments and insights on recent articles or current issues.

Contributing to the Cabbage

The Purple Cabbage is accepting contributions from writers and photographers for the “In Concert” (concert review) section of the blog. For those interested, please write in to thepurplecabbage@gmail.com.

Submissions & Concert Listings (new releases & concert listings)

The Purple Cabbage accepts music submissions and show listings from Toronto artists, as well as national and international artists performing in the Toronto area.

Please send us your concert posters and concert details via email at thepurplecabbage@gmail.com. Please send all concert information before the 1st of the month. For album reviews, we ask that you provide us with a source for digital download or contact us for shipping details.